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Stoner, Metal, Psych from USA


Few bands have the power to make traditionalism sound fresh, but the energy of Sasquatch will not be denied. For over 20 years, the Los Angeles-based power trio have been an institution among fuzz heads and those willing to groove. Since their self-titled debut in 2004, their penchant for hooks and unflinching vitality of performance have assured their legend, and in 2022, they release Fever Fantasy as a triumphant and awaited return of one of American heavy rock's best and most accomplished units.

Founded by guitarist/vocalist Keith Gibbs in 2000 and featuring Jason "Cas" Casanova (ex-Tummler, Behold! the Monolith) on bass since 2007, Sasquatch released II in 2006, III in 2010 and IV in 2013 before shifting course from their numerical trajectory. 2017's Maneuvers brought in Boston-based drummer Craig Riggs (also vocals in Roadsaw, Kind), making the three-piece bicoastal. And while the logistics may have been more complicated, the results were undeniable. Not only had Sasquatch not lost a step, they seemed to find another gear entirely on stage as well as in the studio with New York-based producer Andrew Schneider (who had previously mixed II).

That collaboration with Schneider continues on Fever Fantasy, and with a sound that reaches farther even as it harnesses the heaviest tones the band have ever had, the album is both their most mature work and strikingly brash when it wants to be -- looking at you, "Live Snakes." Its songs feel written for the stage but do not ignore the power of the studio in allowing them to flesh out ideas as on the extended, organ-laced "Ivy" or the opening cut "It Lies Beyond the Bay," which doesn't so much set the table for what follows as it smashes it.

Having toured on multiple continents (North America, Australia, Europe), had songs placed in various TV shows, and built a loyal fanbase in classic "you gotta hear this band" word of mouth fashion rather than some contrived hype machine, Sasquatch reign among the most essential heavy rock and roll acts in the US. Fever Fantasy -- not quite a dream, not quite reality -- broils accordingly.

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