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Doom Grunge from Germany


DAEVAR are here to shake up the stoner/doom-metal scene with a menacing lo-fi sound and a fresh set ideals. Daevar are Pardis (bass, vocals), Caspar (guitars) and Moritz (drums) and this young trio from Cologne serve up moody anthems inspired by what really happens in the world, rather than singing about the sweetness of the leaf or spreading eternal gloom.

Coming right off the back of their sold-out debut album, doom grunge trio Daevar show no signs of slowing down with their sophomore album Amber Eyes in 2024. Combining the melody-oriented songwriting and swaying rhythms of grunge with the mysticism and languid heaviness of stoner doom, the trio combine the best of both worlds to craft a mesmerising quarter hour of music.

Their Debut Album Delirious Rites was lauded by Metal Hammer for its mature songwriting and was marked by a carefully crafted lo-fi dynamic. With Amber Eyes Daevar switch things up, recasting Nirvana’s trademark loud-quiet dynamics in slow-burning soundscapes and blistering guitar solos.

Marked by swaying rhythms and punchy riffs, as well as sultry vocals and blistering guitar solos, Amber Eyes is another rare exercise in slow and moody from the doom grunge trio from Cologne. Produced once more by Jan Oberg at his Hidden Planet Studio. Just once diving under the six minute mark, these songs take their time to entrance and beguile, slowly dragging you in to their world of Teheran by way of Berlin and Seattle.

Tour dates

Date Place Country Venue Title Link
12.10.24 Siegen DE Vortex Surfer Musikclub
13.10.24 Dresden DE Chemiefabrik
14.10.24 Berlin DE Neue Zukunft
15.10.24 Hannover DE Kulturzentrum Faust e.V
16.10.24 Würzburg DE Immerhin
17.10.24 Köln DE Club Volta
18.10.24 Erfurt DE Bandhaus Erfurt
19.10.24 Antwerp BE Trix Desertfest Antwerp
22.10.24 Fulda DE Kulturkeller Kreuz
23.10.24 Nijmegen NL Merleyn
24.10.24 Bielefeld DE Forum Bielefeld
25.10.24 's-Hertogenbosch NL Willem Twee poppodium
26.10.24 Hamburg DE Markthalle Lazy Bones Festival

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