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Rot 'n' Roll from South Africa

Ruff Majik

Under the scorching African sun, Ruff Majik emerged as a fuzzed-out punk trio, initially aiming to rattle the cages of conservative neighbors. By 2015, they'd become the toast of the underground 'house-party' scene, earning the title of 'local boys who done good.' 

Seeking a grander stage, The Boys (as they are affectionately known) migrated to the metropolis, adding Cowboy Bez and Boz Moon to the lineup. From garage albums to cult-worthy full-lengths like 'The Devil's Cattle' and 'Elektrik Ram,' Ruff Majik's journey unfolded. 

Their rural roots were left behind as they embarked on five European tours, leaving festivals and club circuits in ruins. Known for a Mötorhead-esque "no sleep" attitude, they once conquered a 27-hour drive for a SonicBlast gig, where they single-handedly drained the beer supply. 

The Boys' larger-than-life persona even earned nods from scene heavyweights like Pepper Keenan.

As whispers circulate about the upcoming follow-up to 'Elektrik Ram' in 2024, Ruff Majik continues their charismatic exploration of heavy rock sub-genres, brewing a sonic potion that defies expectations. 

In the world of Ruff Majik, expect muscle cars, mullets, motels, and magic of the dark variety. Brace yourselves, for Ruff Majik is storming into your town, leaving a trail of rock 'n roll mayhem in their wake!

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