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Sludge Metal from Norway


Having erupted into the Norwegian metal scene without warning, SÂVER is the result of heavy veterans Ole Ulvik Rokseth, Markus Støle and Ole Christian Helstad combining their years of experience into one three-headed beast, hellbent on pushing the boundaries of what the band is collectively capable of.

Restless by nature, SÂVER are constantly refining and reinventing their sound. The band’s debut record was followed by two wildly creative collaborations which saw the trio marry their signature ferocity with some unlikely creative bedfellows in order to test new depths. ‘Emerald’, 2021’s full-length release, paired SÂVER’s calculated minimalism with the frenetic, percussive energy of Belgian post-metal collective Psychonaut whilst last year’s ‘Split EP’ saw SÂVER and Norwegian folk singer/songwriter Frødekal reinterpret a song from each other’s back catalogue with hauntingly spectacular results.

As well as sharing their years of experience making the heaviest music they can, SÂVER also share a passion for the unmistakable soundscapes of classic science-fiction. Already a key component of SÂVER’s distinctive sound; Rokseth’s otherworldly, cinematic synth work is given centre stage on ‘From Ember And Rust’ as the band boldly embark on a new journey together.

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