About us

Over the last two decades Sound of Liberation became an international live and booking institution for all that is heavy.

Our team has booked multiple tours and thousands of shows in the heavy, doom, psychedelic and stoner rock genres throughout Europe.

We are proud to have been able to support some of the most acclaimed bands in these genres for many years now. New bands are continuously on their way up and we're looking forward to feeding the underground scene with amazing new talents.

In addition to European tour booking, we also act as co-founders and -promoters of various scene festivals such as the Desertfests, Keep It Low, Up In Smoke, Lazy Bones, Blue Moon Festival and Stoned From The Undergroundund and many more.

Since 2020, our concert division has been expanded by our very own merchandise store and record label. We see ourselves more and more as full-service providers with expertise in building up successful touring throughout Europe.

Founded back in 2005 we will celebrate our 20 years anniversary in 2025. Stay tuned for much more heavy things turning up…

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