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Dutch Rock, Fuzz, Indie from The Netherlands

The Machine

Doused in space, soaked in riffs. THE MACHINE is a genre-busting Dutch rock group that uncompromisingly operates in its own sphere. The band’s distinctive sound has been carefully crafted since its inception in 2007, resulting in a mix that stretches from heavy psych to stoner grunge. Constantly reinventing themselves over the course of 7 albums, THE MACHINE also have been taking cues from 90s alt-rock/indie and the noisier side of shoegaze during most recent years. At the core of the band’s current output are pop songs disguised in fuzzy feedback.

Led by founding member and the band’s architect David Eering (guitar/vocals), THE MACHINE have been melting faces across Europe with their loud and authentic live shows. From Russia to Portugal and everything in between: the trio played numerous club shows and all of the EU-scene’s major festivals have been added to an extensive resume (Roadburn [NL], Sonic Blast [PT], Desert Fest [DE/UK/BE], Duna Jam [IT], Freak Valley [DE], Stoned From The Underground [DE], …). Initially emerging with 2009’s Solar Corona, THE MACHINE quickly became one of the forebearers of the European stoner rock scene. This record, sprinkled with Hendrixian jams, instantly became an underground darling with “Moons of Neptune” as its centerpiece boasting 4.5 million plays on YouTube.

A reinvigorated lineup is completed with Chris Both on bass (2018) and Klaas Dijkstra on drums (2023). With a new album under their belts in 2023, THE MACHINE are more than ready to launch into this new chapter. The best is yet to come. Onwards and upwards!

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