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Sludge Doom from Germany / UK


The Kingslayer is coming!

The nine epic new movements on THRONEHAMMER’s “Kingslayer” culminate into the band’s most versatile material to date, with more metal energy than ever fueling the album, with their riff savagery fully on display in every track.

Unconcealed doom metal ethos meets destruction and impetuous devastation, reminiscent of Paradise Lost, Bathory, Slayer, Katatonia, Bolt Thrower, Amorphis, Candlemass, Celtic Frost to sprinkles of post-rock. All this can be discovered in THRONEHAMMER’s new crushingly epic album „Kingslayer“.

The doom commando around singer Kat clearly develops further and can even top it’s predecessor „Incantation Rites“. The epic lyrics do the rest, also the vocals are one step more versatile than before. As a guest Daniel Kaufman (ex Mindrot, ex Dystopia, ex Eyes of Fire, Destroy Judas) joins the band on vocals for the song „Sacrosanct Grounds“.

A massive sound that leaves no questions unanswered contributes its part. The album was mastered by Patrick Engel / Temple Of Disharmony (Asphyx, Candlemass, Darkthrone,Tiamat, Dissection, Trouble, Slayer).

Shades of various genres can be found on the overlong „Kingslayer“ and yet every track is clearly a THRONEHAMMER track.

„Kingslayer“ will be released worldwide on 11/3/2023 via Supreme Chaos Records.

May the Kingslayer cometh!

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10.08.24 Kortrijk BE Alcatraz Festival

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