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GENRE Heavy Psych / Occult Rock
HOME Sweden


After the release of their first LP, “…Lurar Ut Dig På Prärien”, the mysterious masked band did not stay idle for long. A few months after, they released a rather surprising single entitled “Ego Trip” which displayed some interesting experimentations in their sound. It was less doomy, more psychedelic and fast-paced than their previous materials. The following month, they put out a great split with Windhand, and a year later, the single “The Vampire Strikes Back”.


But their breakthrough, the record that melt people minds and positioned them as one of the genre’s elite came out in July 2016! With “Pronounce This!”, the demented Swedish heavy psych rockers SALEM'S POT have crafted a record of startling competence and listenability, delivering truly gritty and captivating heavy rock in high contrast technicolor.


Where previous SALEM'S POT releases honed doom riffs to perfection, “Pronounce This!” sees the band expanding its horizons to the far corners of imagination. There is more variety in this one, it is not just doom with a psychedelic touch... Listening to this album is like attending a creepy masquerade ball where decadence and emptiness are celebrated. It’s a hazy fever dream of dark, thrilling excess. Metal, garage, punk, blues, folk, acid rock and a belladonna trip gone wrong. It’s not heavy metal, this is a mutant monster that cannot be tamed.


Don't try to fight it, SALEM'S POT has come to destroy your mind.


They will be touring in Europe in June/July 2017!