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”As one of the most prominent acts in the new generation of psych music, Swedish four piece MaidaVale create a reckless and experimental rock that keeps diverging from what’s expected.

After first emerging on the live rock scene in 2014, MaidaVale’s 2016 debut album ’Tales of the Wicked West’ was received with open arms and launched them as one of the most promising new bands. The band have had a busy schedule touring Europe exstensively since. Known for their musicality and the electric connection between both musicians and audience, the band’s reputation has grown with each show.

On their second album ’Madness Is Too Pure’, released in early 2018, MaidaVale followed up with an even more experimental and dynamic sound that confirmed their place in the psych rock scene. The album, produced by Jari Haapalainen, was praised amongst both critics and fans for its bold and innovative take on the genre. It also got the band nominated for the Swedish music prize P3 Guld in the rock/metal category, alongside acts like Graveyard and Lucifer.

Up until this point MaidaVale have played renowned festivals like Freak Valley, Desertfest Berlin and Duna Jam.

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